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SEO Spyder

All-Encompassing SEO Tool Extension for Digital Marketers

Install the SEO Spyder Chrome extension for SEO-related updates in just one click. Our SEO tool provides DA Checker, Alexa Rank Checker, Traffic Sources, Backlinks, and much more.

SEO Spyder

SEO Spyder Features

SEO Spyder comes with the following features. Install the SEO tool chrome extension today to use these features for free under a limited-time offer.

DA Checker

Check the DA of any website with accurate results & real-time updates with our domain authority checker chrome extension.

Alex Rank Checker

Check the global and country-specific rank for any domain on the web with our Alexa rank checker chrome extension.

Spy on Competitors

View and analyze statistics such as total traffic, top countries, and backlinks with the best SEO checker.

How does SEO Spyder Work?

Install Extension

Download and Install SEO Spyder on Chrome or Edge desktop browsers. The SEO tool chrome extension then becomes accessible from the browser’s search toolbar.

Visit any webpage

Navigate to any website of your choice. Click on the extension icon to view that website’s statistics and metrics.

Enjoy SEO Spyder

Access our site analyzer in multiple ways and keep a tab on website-related SEO metrics. Quick loading with real-time updates.

SEO Tool

All in One SEO Tool

SEO Spyder offers some paid digital marketing services at zero cost. Our competitors charge hefty prices for the same. Our SEO checker has multiple features in one place and several amazing updates in the pipeline for our users.

Free for a Limited Time

We are limiting the free services to the first 10000 individuals who install the SEO tool chrome extension. Post that milestone, we will only accept paid users. Install our SEO analyzer today to claim SEO Spyder’s free services while they last.

User Review

Loved the concept of showing all of the SEO features at once. Really helpful and I use it everyday to check my competitors stats

– Rahul Sengal

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